Friday, January 05, 2007

Invasion of the Vice Snatchers

When I woke up this morning, I had every intention of going shopping today. After all, not only is it winter clearance time, it's also the preview day for the Macy's sale. Who's to say no to that kind of external consumer pressure?

Before taking off, however, I had to decide whether I could or could not whip out an abstract for a conference--due today. [This is typical Fluff timing, I'll have you know.] "No way," I thought to myself as I had lunch (reruns of What Not to Wear are satisfying, no?) "I haven't really begun the research I need to finish to think it through It will just suck." To support my own defeatist thinking, I cruised the website, ready to convince myself that it was an impossible task, and that my topic probably didn't fit the theme anyway. Lo and behold, the organizers were asking for a 200 word abstract. 200 words?!! Who can say anything in 200 words?! Better yet, in 200 words I could probably say just enough to sound interesting without having to have my entire thesis worked out.

Two hours and 198 words later, the abstract is done and sent. Yay me! An official entry for a conference that represents a new direction for my work. Scary, but since it hasn't been accepted, I can now just sit on my abstract-writing laurels a bit. Sometimes work just feels good.

Meanwhile, I find little interest in going shopping this afternoon. What happened?!! Could it be that productive work counteracts mindless consumption? Say it ain't so!


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