Wednesday, August 23, 2006

House A'Fire

What is that cliche, anyway? Like a house a'fire? A house on fire? A house of fire?

Regardless, it's me, I tell you. Have you every had one of those days when all of the things you've been most worried about, and have tried and tried to make happen, suddenly all fall into your lap? Well, apparently I was due. Here's the list:
1. Finally, after months of phone calls and emails, someone at the state institution contacted me about a setting up a student internship. She called me back within 12 hours of my initial call, and used the phrase "very interested." What's up with that? Where has she been all summer? [Um, hello Fluff? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.]

2. After fretting, nail-biting, and entertaining psycho ideas for my unmanned section of an adjuncted course (maybe I could just teach it as an overload? Right! That would work! It might even give me an idea of how to teach it in the future! Get bent...], I hired a lovely ABD candidate from a program down the road. Whew. Is she prepared to be in the classroom in 6 days? No. Will she probably lecture to the kiddies instead of leading an inquiry-based seminar? Yep. Do I care? Hardly at all.

3. My crazy mean senior colleagues have not only reigned it in this week, but one actually brought me a brownie. Apparently not filled with rat poison. No adverse effects two hours out...

4. Syllabi? Drafted. Not done, but at least on their way.

5. Proposal for new intiative? Drafted and sent to committee.

6. Old, lurking administrative project from last year? Not only finished and sent out, but I actually received a phone call from a colleague in another department who wanted to run an administrative proposal by me. When did I become the authority on this stuff? (Actually, is this something that is going to move onto the "morass of creeping inter-departmental crap" list soon?) I'll revel while I'm able.

All right, so, it goes without saying, probably, that there is still a LOAD of stuff that needs to be done. And it just wouldn't be the beginning of a new year at Ascesis U. if new obstacles weren't in place (e.g., all printing now goes through the print shop, rather than being done in departments. Thus, you need to submit copying 4-5 business days in advance. Did I mention that I have no completed syllabi? And school starts on Monday? That sound you hear is that of rocks being sucked.)

Regardless, I'm going to bask in my accomplishments. Thank you to the karma gods. Now back to building it up again.


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