Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm Not Worthy...

Actually, this phrase flits through my head several times a week, with reference to everything from random bits of praise, to my job, to my very excellent green wedge heels--truly an apotheosis of shoe-dom:

Yes! Like that! Only green! (See title in case you're grasping for the appropriate emotion...)

Shoes and such aside, however, let me say that I was inspired to mutter this phrase in rapturous tones this morning. Here's the set-up. Weeks ago, Gawker ran a story about an, hmm, altercation, between Tommy Hifiger and Axl Rose. Yeah, you heard me, Tommy "crappy clothes for teenagers" Hilfiger and Axl "buns and hoses" Rose. What the hell kind of two-second altercation could that be exactly? In your head, you're imagining a drunken, coked-up Axl stumbling into the perfectly-pressed and botoxed Hilfiger, singing "Take me down to Paradise City, fashion girl!" as he pummeled TH, right? Or something like that?

Hah! Instead, in a moment that probably ripped a hole in the space-time continuum, Hilfiger bitch-slapped Axl. Close your gaping maw and click on over the the USA Today coverage.

So, clearly after having read about this, I proceeded to forget about it, in that way that you forget about things too impossible to be believed. Today, of course, I was perusing Sarah Bunting's post, which has the best write up of this event. Ever. In a million years. Which is totally typical of Bunting's work on Tomato Nation (see blogroll), but this is beyond good.

So, you're not worthy either, but I encourage you to read it for a great laugh. You may want to put a towel under your chair, however. Prepare to wet yourself.


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