Friday, May 19, 2006

Get UP, Trinity...

I think I can fairly say that I have an unhealthy relationship with film. Not in the "want to stalk actors" way (although the thought of Clive Owens gives me pause there); rather, in the "that's so TOTALLY my life" way. Whether or not it actually bears any RELATIONSHIP to my life is simply not an issue.

For example (yes, get on with it, fluff, for crying out loud!): today, I have a list of things to do to clean up from the end of the semester (little piddly crap that, despite it's little and piddly qualities, does, in fact, have to get done), and a list of things to do to start working on my poor abandoned project of the spring. Clearly, I need to take care of the first list first, and that should only take about 3 hours or so--a small investment in my peace of mind, and a miniscule part of my summer. But I just don't want to do it. It doesn't change the fact that it has to be done; but there, I've said it.

It has, however, taken me the better part of today and yesterday to articulate this to myself. Instead, I have found any number of things to do instead:
•I have read every updated post in the blogosphere. Twice.
•I have cleaned the filthy bathroom sink.
•Returned old student emails from a month ago.
•Written witty, chirping emails to people who have fallen off my radar.
•Skimmed back issues of the NY Times (love that archive function!).
•Put books relating to fall class #1 in my Amazon cart.
•Ordered a new Skidless mat to go over my not-sticky-enough sticky yoga mat.
•Searched my bookshelves for everything that I've bought and haven't read in the past year, and stacked them by the bed.

You get the point, right? Procrastination developed to a high art form. So highly developed, in fact, that I even found a copy of this book on procrastination and browsed it at Amazon. I think of myself, basically, as the Picasso of the procrastination world--you know, bringing whole new ways of seeing to the form?

So here's where films come in. The sole image that is moving me toward the hated clean-up list today is this one:

Perhaps you remember The Matrix, back when it was cool, before it had been sullied by its host of vapid yet incomprehensible sequels? Right. Well, in the rather fab opening sequence, you have the leather-clad Trinity running from agents--a sequence that ends with her diving through a window, rolling to face anyone following her (see above). At that point, she says something like "Get UP, Trinity. Just get up." Now, I'm certainly no Carrie Ann Moss, despite wanting her wardrobe, and strangely enough, I'm not being chased by computer programs hell-bent on concealing the "desert of the real" from humans. Depite that, I am finding that this is the only image/line that's forcing me to get out of this chair. Right after I finish this post...

P.S. While I was searching for the image you see above (another 10 minutes I'll never get back), I came across an UNGODLY number of oddities Matrix/Trinity-related. Costumes, Lego playsets, many, many women dressed in leather--you name it. If you're trying to kill time, I highly encourage you to do a little Googlin'. I'll leave you with only one of the more amusing:


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