Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In Your $#$%^ FACE, Procrastination!

Ah, as one might cannily discern from the title, yes, I actually made some progress yesterday. Surprisingly, after all of the drama (mostly, primarily contained in my own head, but with occasional leakage out onto poor Mr. Fluff and Fluffmama), it was the same experience that I had writing the dissertation: You know, once you get in there, it's just not so bad. For a short time, anyway. And by short, I mean like a hour or two.

Regardless, Project M is underway. If all goes well, I can start on Project B when I'm through with draft of Project M. This is all starting to sound very James Bond, no? Hmm, Kfluff by day, secret academic agent by night. There's the way to make ass-in-chair sound sexy. And look at who's getting all ambitious now that she has two pages written?

Well, stay tuned. We'll see how it goes today. The only thing standing between me and the draft is the farm hustle. Let me warn you in advance--I call this the devil game. Sort of like if Hello Kitty were the face of Satan. (If you look at it, you'll get it.)


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