Monday, May 29, 2006

Avoidance Strategies

Well, this is hardly the only place where the blogosphere will reflect on this, but if you haven't read this yet, then get on it. [Unless you're one of those people who has absolutely no problem with the ass-in-chair, think-til-you-sweat thing. Then you can ignore this completely. And you can also earn my undying resentment.]

Academic Coach has a nice review of the book--thorough, and yet with enough leeway for you to still get something out of the book. I'd add to what AC says however, and it's one of the selling points of text--the authors have a subtle sense of humor. This is particularly necessary for me, one who can't decide whether to shamelessly mock myself for being unable to get this damnable article done, or else throw myself off the roof. The tagline of the book, for example, reads thus: "Don't go another minute without Procrastination." [Look, I'm not saying it's uproariously funny, but for what is ostensibly a self-help book, it's better than nothing, right?]

So, in keeping with the implicit suggestions of the book, I'm wrapping up this post and heading into Microsoft Word. Voy a con Dios.


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