Friday, June 02, 2006

No Sleep Til Summer...

Wait, it is summer. So why, I ask you, was I up at 7?! A time I would normally refer to only as "the ass-crack of dawn"? Honestly, what good is summer "break" if I'm awake so early (and yes, you heard it here first--I even got some writing done. Not good writing, mind you. It's mostly a string of two-syllable words. But I think I can go back and fix that later).

So, what's my excuse for turning my back on the squishy warm luxury of bed on a Friday morning? The first thing I can remember is that the damn birds had bullhorns today, I swear. This may be a sick plot by some avian mastermind who's determined that flying creatures will take over the world. It could also be that it's cooled down a bit, and so we slept with the windows open. I'd say it's a 50/50 chance either way.

Regardless, I'm now up, and sleepy, and have that "woke up too early and had coffee and now my stomach is gurgling" feeling. I meet with the provost in 2 hours.

In better news, Jenn over at Reappropriate has come up with a fab listing of Asian American characters in Marvel and DC comics, pretty much from inception to the present, in honor of Asian American Heritage Month. [I bet you didn't even make a cake.] Whoa. What a job. Way to go, Jenn.

Perhaps I need to martial my own secret Asian American superhero identity today--"overcaffeinated sleepy girl" somehow just doesn't do it for me. If you have other suggestions, don't hesitate...


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