Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So Long, Suckers!!

Having survived the Monday Pre-Thanksgiving teaching (but only by the skin of my teeth, and with much gnashing), Senor Fluff and I are kissing our furry animals goodbye and heading to the Great White North for a few days. Some people go home, we go on vacation.

So I'm packing lots of warm clothes--sweaters, a coat, socks, boots, undershirts, a scarf, etc. I hope we'll wander around the city, drink cafe au lait in little cafes, take in some art and perhaps catch a flick at the film festival that's going on. I will return to mountains of grading and administrative work that should have been finished before I left, so I've decided to eke out, from this mini-vacay, every minute of enjoyment that I can. So how much is too much to read in 3 days? I have about 250 pages left in Freddy and Fredericka, I'm also bringing along American Born Chinese, which was, for the record, the first graphic novel to be nominated for the National Book Award (the young adults category, but still).

But should I also bring a few magazines? Or maybe even Barry's Beginning Theory, in an attempt to get a leg up on next semester? [Can you tell I ran out of stuff to read last time I was there? Does the naked fear come through?]

All right. I'll be loaded down and overpacked, but I'll be prepared. Maybe I'll have some pictures from Canadia for y'all when I get back.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Be safe out there!


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