Saturday, September 02, 2006

Linguistic Aporia

Or, in other words, I think we've got a hole in the English language. Probably several, but the one that is really occupying my mind right now is the lack of a word or words that can aptly describe the full and complete beauty of waking up on a cool, rainy morning, lounging in bed with a cup of coffee, reading for pleasure, knowing that I don't have anywhere to be, or anyone I have to talk to about work. Is there a word that can get at how utterly lovely and fantastic that is? Come on, wordsmiths! Bring it on!

All of this to say that I'm loving life today. Finally, a moment or two to relax, take stock of the world, my week, etc. It's clear from the last few posts here at the Fluff that very specific parts of my job are the ones that get me down, and that those are also the ones that seem to occupy the greatest amount of time. Ms. Flavia has a post about being new to the tenure-track and grasping these expectations for the first time. She describes it in terms of how it occupies mental space, and I think that's a perfect description of it--basically, I am asked to devote a good deal of mental space to completing tasks I'm not all that thrilled about. (And I don't have all that much extra mental space to spare, know what I mean?) Sadly, all of that occupied mental geography also has to have some form of existence in the real world, and that takes up a surprising amount of time. To wit, I sure felt like I sent an obnoxious number of emails this week. Low and behold, after a quick count, I arrived at a figure: 116 emails, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. Yowza!

The irony of all of this, however, is that I'm realizing the desperate need to nurture those experiences and projects that exist outside of these occupational demands in order to balance those things that sap my will to live with those that make me excited about reading/writing/teaching; it's like a colonial revolution going on inside my noggin. So, after a little rest and relaxation this weekend, I'm going to GASP! read the draft of my article--you remember the devil queen of an article from this summer of procrastination?--and draw up a plan.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Enjoy your weekend, y'all!


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