Sunday, June 18, 2006

No Need to Push!

Actually, that title sounds a bit gnarlier than I had wanted it to be. Meh. Y'all'll live.

The point is, I'm going, I'm going...I'm on my way to article-land, no need to jostle me. So insistent, you lousy hooligans! Here I can only wish for the insouciance of Myrna Loy as Nora Charles (The Thin Man was on AMC last night).

If you don't know, the rather transcendent Mrs. Charles' real appeal lay in her "wicked jaw." She's a mouthy one, Nora. In an early scene she makes her grand entrance to a hotel bar, the terrier Asta pulling her along. The staff tries to stop her, at which point she takes quite a graceless fall. As they pull her up, she says "Women and children first, boys." I'm certainly not doing her justice here. See the movie; you won't be disappointed. It's an image of marriage that doesn't often appear today, let alone in the 30's. See if you can keep up with the Charles's alcoholic consumption--that may be the key to their wit and happiness.

So, as I make my own grand entrance into my open document, I leave you with this scattered reflection. In addition to Loy, I have a cavalcade of Hollywood actresses on the brain. All thanks to these people. Yes, register for free to see which famous people you most resemble. It's a lark, and a flattering one.
Rita Hayworth was my first match, with Angelina Jolie, Michelle Yeoh and Heather Locklear bringing up the rear. (Here, we're clearly testing the boundary of the word "resemblance" in addition to that of "actress.")

Things get dicey from there, as the concordance includes Roseanne Barr, Maggie Thatcher, and Bing Crosby (?!).

Hmm. Given my many options, I'll keep my eye on Myrna. I'm off to write--and I'll take five more martinis. Line them up right here.


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