Friday, December 14, 2007

Stalked by Carols

I won't replay the constant grading whinge that has become the ongoing theme of this blog, but I will say that when I came into my office this morning, with a list of many man things to do, I wanted to get to them immediately. Since the little red light of death (You have voicemail!) was on, I thought I'd rip through those messages and get down to grading. Unlike any kind and efficient voice mail system I've ever used, Askesis VM has no cut off---you have to listen to the whole damn thing before you can delete it and eliminate the red light of death.

So, of the four messages to get through, two were an orchestrated version of "O Come All Ye Faithful." No voice, no warning, just the song. For 3.5 minutes. Not once, but twice. What, I ask you, the crap?! I like a Christmas carol as much as the next girl, but twice? On an answering machine? Is this someone's way of telling me to get some Jeebus? Or of indicating that I'm such a grinch that I'll be tortured by the sound of joyous noise?

Whatever it is, I'm annoyed. I'm not faithful, and I'm not coming to wherever they're going---expecially when they refuse to leave a clear and concise statement after the beep.



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