Saturday, December 08, 2007

Non-Ironic Ode to My Students

You know, I've been a pretty shitty blogger of late. Really. You don't have to tell me. I can feel the heat of your silent judgment from here. I think it's less because I've been busy as all get out, and more because there are big things afoot in the Fluff household, and I haven't had the headspace to think about it. So at some point, I'll spill about the perils and pleasures of the two-body problem, a surprising, last minute job application, and anything else I can think of.

Right now, however, I'm preparing to dive into a stack of 15 seminar papers. Generally, this would fill my heart with dread (and I'm sure that it will in about 20 minutes). Now, however, I'm suffused with love for this class, so I thought that I should record that here. Really, they've just been super. Sure, my plagiarist student from last semester took the class, and reminded me that she is, indeed, as dumb as a box of rocks. And yes, I had three students try to make up a semester-long cumulative assignment in the last two days before it was due. There's one student who's had a personal trainwreck and needs an incomplete. But, honestly, they've just been so fun over the last 14 weeks: they laugh at my jokes, they bring me examples of stuff that they find that relates to the course. Very little whining about the material (which is new; this is normally the class that brings out the worst in them). Lots of sincere attempts, if not real engagement with, the theory that I've shoved down their throats.

So here's to you, group of majors taking my seminar. You've made my semester a better place to be. Now let's hope that that holds true for your final papers. Fingers crossed, everyone.



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