Monday, October 15, 2007

Pop Culture Hair

So, following Ashley's sage advice, I did indeed cancel my class on Thursday (but just one) so that I could use the time to get ready for the conference. And I needed every second of that time, let me tell you! But, finally, loaded up with outlines, handouts, 4 different cords and the technology most appropriate to them, I left campus, and headed for the hair salon: the last stop on my whirlwind prepare-to-go-stand-in-front-of-people checklist.

I've written about my hairdresser before, I know (I've come to call him "the fetus" as I think he's about 15. A charming, brilliant, pomade-wielding 15, but nevertheless, 15). I think I've been boring him stiff the last few times I've been in. Let's face it: I wait as long as I can between visits (say 3-4 months), so by the time I'm washed and in the chair, I look far too much like Morticia Addams. And I'm not exactly the bravest when it comes to hair. Just some layers, and keep most of the length. Last time I went in (in June), there was a vague threat in his voice as I left, "next time, we're going to do something exciting." This might explain why I waited so long.

So there I am, on the breaking line between Morticia and Cousin It, and I can tell there's just no stopping this kid. So I mentioned to him that I've been watching a LOT of BBC America, in which all of the cool girls have bangs. "I know I can't do the straight across bangs, but maybe to the side? I just want to look like a cool British girl!"

And then, it happened. He said the magic word. "Torchwood?" he asked. "YES!" said I. "Exactly!" "This is going to be good." and he picked up the scissors.

So, now I'm feeling all very Gwen Cooper. Or, like this, only with longer bangs:
I'm not a part of an elite secret agency that saves the world from alien technologies, but I do have cute hair. I had brief doubts about the fetus; I hate a hair bully. But if it means that he can reproduce BBC hair with only a word to go on, he gets my vote.

Oh, and the conference was fine too.



Blogger Ashley said...

Oh em gee. That's what I want! Last time I was in, I was all "um, do you think I could get cool rocker-slash-british-hipster bangs?" And my hairdresser was like, ""um, no. That would be a disaster."

And it's true, it would. But a girl can dream, can't she?

Monday, October 15, 2007 2:32:00 PM  
Blogger kfluff said...

Ok, but let me sing the praises of the longer bangs. It cures a multitude of sins by slicing the face up, I tell you. Really, I've had hideous hair, and this isn't it!

Monday, October 15, 2007 11:05:00 PM  

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