Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tap Tap...Is This Thing Still On?

Hallllooooo! I return triumphant from the Continent! Only to find that we've embroiled ourselves even more deeply into Mid-East politics, are enduring a cow-killing, country-wide heatwave, and that somehow, despite being cancelled, the dreaded 7th Heaven on the WB is STILL ON. Bring on the plague of locusts!

I have every intention of milking my trip for every possible blog post, but after yesterday's marathon 24-hour epic journey home, I don't have two spare brain cells to rub together. Using my last remaining, jet-lagged one, I've been surfing the blogosphere--y'all have been mighty busy since I left! Here are some highlights (and yes, I know this is a ridiculous sham of a real post--sue me):

•Apparently Beth and I were separated at birth, given that her list of guilty pleasures include not just the saintly/snarky Tim Gunn, but also Isaac Mizrahi (of Johannsen boob-grabbing fame). And the Gilmore Girls! Holy crap! I loves me some senoritas de Gilmore; bless you, Beth, for your confessional streak. [For the record, Beth is also apparently going to see Tom Waits in concert. That sound you hear is me eating my heart out.]

Dr. Crazy not only changed up her template (which now features the ever-lovin' Man Kitty as a header), but also created a new blog meme. All hail the productive!

•Miss Ashley is hard at work on her quilt. Even the word "quilt" makes me want to dunk my head in water and stick it in the freezer. [That would be easier if it were detachable. And hopefully re-attachable, while we're at it.]

•Jenn is holding down the fort with an excellent post about the history, contemporary manifestations, and consequences of blackface in America, glossing everything from the doomed film Soul Man to Christopher Walken in yellowface in the upcoming Balls of Fury. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the movies.

•Flavia painted not one but TWO rooms in her new apartment. And they're lovely. And she's not grumbling about it.

•Finally, one of my pals from real life (Not the online game. no, for real. you know, in the flesh and stuff...) stopped by. Hi Tam! Everyone wave to Tam!

Whew. Confessional, creative, crafty, analytic, aesthetic, communal...it's both inspiring and daunting what you all have been up to. Perhaps tomorrow I can write, make, think, and do. For now, however, my plans involve eating, resting, and perhaps making it to an afternoon matinee with little redeeming value, where I can soak up free air conditioning. Clerks 2, anyone?


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