Thursday, July 20, 2006

Proof that I've Done Something Good in My Life

It just has to be that I've finally managed to bank some good karma, because in the last two days, the following things have happened:

1. My colleague who is selflessly running this dying summer program that is part of my little ACUN (academic unit, to those of you playing that at-home game) asked me weeks ago to work out a budget issue. I told her I would, realized how many steps it would take (a secretary, an administrator, and local officials would all have to be contacted), quailed at the prospect EVERY SINGLE DAY. When I saw her yesterday and told her that I was ready to follow-up, she said: "Actually, it's not going to work out the way I wanted it to anyway. Don't worry about it." Sweet glory, hallelujah!!

2. As a part of a series I'm running in the fall, I had to work with a campus office for publicity. While much of it could be done over email, the director insisted that I come in and "fill out a work order." Argh. Go over there, dressed like a professional, in the blazing heat, and fill out paperwork that addresses multiple budget lines. In passing, I mentioned this to the dean's administrative assistant today, and she told me: "just tell the director to call me. I can work it out with her." Saints be praised!

3. A check I deposited at the bank hasn't cleared yet, won't clear until after I leave for central Europe, and because it's in a funky money market account, I won't be able to access the money via ATM. After explaining this to the bank teller, she says: "Oh, do you want me to just have the money transferred when the check clears on Tuesday?" Well, yes, yes I do. They can DO that?! Is this heaven?

4. I really wanted to take my new iPod on vacation with me, because it has a much longer battery life than the old one and I'll be traveling for many, many hours (bus, then plane, then another plane, then train). The only charger I have for it, however, came with my old Pod, which ran on firewire, and the new one works on USB. I was sure that I'd have to take the old one and ration listening time carefully (basically because I'm too cheap to go and buy a new charger.) After running hours of errands today, I saw that you can use the old cord with the old charger and the new iPod. I'm coming home, Lord!

Seriously, it's unreal. This kind of run NEVER happens to me. Not to be superstitious or anything, but you don't think it's some kind of sick, ironic lead-up to my plane crashing in a fiery ball of metal or anything, do you?


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