Monday, July 03, 2006

Whoa. Asian Mind-Meld.

So, I was cruising through my list of blogs (and yes, I should subscribe to bloglines and no, I don't, so Shaddap!).

Lo and behold: Jenn over at reappropriate has, just today, linked to a brouhaha at a blog called twice the rice. Guess what it's about? See the post below!!

The rather "contentious" post is located here; complete with comments. Clearly, Ji-in is far more knowledgeable and experienced in these matters than I am. My lowly post genuflects in her direction.

What is as fascinating as Ji-in's post, however, are the comments she receives. Boy howdy. If someone isn't already doing a study on the rationalization of adoptive parents who turn to Asia, now would be the time! I can't help but follow some of the advice there for seeking out other examples--I'm off to google China, adoption, etc. I anticipate it will invoke the same feelings as watching a Maury Povitch marathon: so horrible that I can't---look---away... and then you just feel bloated and nauseated afterwards.

Okay, so the question of the day: how ballsy am I? Do I dare send my relative with the adopted child this book?


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