Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feelin' Competent

For the first time in as long as I can remember (without actually looking in my planner), I didn't have to go in to the office today. I'd tell you to picture me doing backflips and cheers with my pompoms, if only I had that much energy. Although, in truth, I never did that kind of thing, ever. Not even in my most grody high school fantasies.

So, free from the demands of the office for a day doesn't exactly mean free from work; I've sent the requisite 40 million emails, begun editing student drafts, etc. Since I've saved tons of time by not showering or changing out of my pjs, however, I've also managed to do a few jobs around the house: transferring my desktop files to my new laptop (hear the angels sing!) and assembling a new television stand (hear the angels cry "carpal tunnel!").

Both of these are tasks that incite a set of opposing feelings in me. The first (and the one that motivates me to do them) is the joy at having something that is both aesthetically pleasing AND that works--my favorite combination of characteristics in the entire world. The second happens about 15 minutes into these tasks, where I realize that they're a bit tedious, will take more time that I had expected, and that I'll run into some glitches along the way. In point of fact, the data transfer was easy peasy--in fact, the hardest part about it was finding a place to put the laptop that was in easy reach of the desktop (yes, my desk is that small. I live in a house designed for hobbits). Crucial solution: laptop goes on chair, Fluff goes on the floor. After that, however, and praise the Apple gods, it was a piece of cake. And guy in black with lip piercing who sold me said laptop? You can SO transfer the applications! Hah!

The television stand, on the other hand--not so easy. Because when you order furniture from Target? Well, it comes in a big flat box. With numerous pieces. And a variety of hardware. And requires two different screwdrivers, a hammer, a piece of "thick cardboard," 3 agile limbs and a degree in physics to put together. My mistake, of course, was letting my excitement get the better of me, and trying to start it last night. Needless to say, two pieces got screwed on in the wrong direction, sending me into the groggy, I've-been-teaching-all-day-and-now-this pit of despair. After exclaiming to Senor Fluff that we would only be officially middle class at the point at which we could buy furniture that didn't need to be assembled, I gave up and watched Project Runway to drown my sorrows. [As a side note--SPOILER ALERT!!--Dude, Jeffrey? Seriously?! For polkadots and goth music?]

This morning, bolstered by a lack of meetings, I took everything apart and put it all back together, dusted off all of our various media components, placed them on said stand, and hooked the cable and DVD back into the TV. Voila! I may be maimed, but at least I'll be able to watch Grey's Anatomy on this:

God knows it doesn't look like that in my house. In part because the veneer is about a millimeter thick, so I've scratched it already by sneezing on it.

REGARDLESS. I have accomplished something for the day. I have made, if not fire, then a wee style upgrade in my living room. It's no academic manuscript, but it's making me happy.


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